A while ago, one of my coworkers told me about eMusic, and I’ve been a subscriber ever since. I’ve found some great music over the past year, so I thought I’d start sharing what I download.

I have the (now legacy) 40 download per month account. It’s a great value for only $9.99 a month.

This month, I went for comedy.

  • John Heffron: Good Kid, Bad Adult - Heffron won Last Comic Standing a few years ago, and his "big kid" style is hilarious.
  • Brian Regan: Brian Regan Live - my cousin Emily introduced me to Brian last month, and he gets extra points for doing almost an hour that's totally clean.
  • Maria Bamford: The Burning Bridges Tour - I only had 3 tracks left, so I started this album, which has most of the content from her Comedy Central Presents show that I saw a few years ago. Very odd, but funny.
That's it for July. My downloads refresh at the end of every month, so it'll be around that time that I post.

Have fun.