Here’s a list of projects that I’ve created. They have varying levels of completion and documentation.

Babashka Pods

Babashka is a version of Clojure that starts up fast and is well suited for command line scripting. Pods are additional functionality that Babashka can use like a library. Here are the pods I’ve created. They also function as standalone utilities that are usable without Babashka.

dfm - the dotfiles manager

Dfm is a utility that manages dotfiles. It makes it easy to install (and uninstall) your dotfiles on new servers as well as fetch and merge changes from other machines, and simplifies working with your dotfiles repository no matter what directory you are in.

dockviz - visualize Docker data

Dockviz is a utility for visualizing various Docker data. It is primarily used to show the hierarchy of image layers. It was initially part of Docker core but was split out a couple years ago.

pmb - the personal message bus

The personal message bus is a system for bringing disparate agents together securely for personal productivity. The first use case was copying remote data to the local clipboard, but it has expanded to streaming log files and remote notification.

skeg - simple docker development environments

Skeg greatly simplifies the process of isolating your development environment in a Docker container. It looks something like a lightweight vagrant.

holen - utility fetcher

Holen is a utility that fetches utilities, somewhat like Homebrew, but focused on static binaries and Docker images that contain a single utility. Plus, it works on Linux and Windows too.

envbox - secure, easy access to secret environment variables

Envbox is a utility that makes it easy to manage environment variables like GITHUB_TOKEN. There are quite a few tools that use these kinds of variables, and putting them into your environment in a secure way is difficult. Envbox makes it easy.

Smaller projects

  • - easily backup with git
  • remotecopy - copy data from remote terminals into your local clipboard
  • outputdiff - quickly find differences in output
  • archdiff - diff summary for archives
  • slair - fix Slack profile name, with flair

The rest

There are many other smaller repositories on Github.