I recently split dfm out into its own git repository. This should make it easier to add new features and grow the test suite without cluttering up the original dotfiles repository. I’ll sync dfm over at regular intervals, so anyone who wants to keep up to date by merging with master will be ok.

I also just finished up a major new feature: dfm can now import files. So instead of:

$ cp .vimrc .dotfiles
$ dfm install
$ dfm add .vimrc
$ dfm ci -m 'adding .vimrc'

There is an import subcommand that accomplishes all of this:

$ dfm import .vimrc
INFO: Importing .vimrc from /home/user into /home/user/.dotfiles
INFO:   Symlinking .vimrc (.dotfiles/.vimrc).
INFO: Committing with message 'importing .vimrc'
[personal 8dbf30d] importing .vimrc
 1 file changed, 46 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 .vimrc

There are a smattering of other new features as well, like having dfm execute a script or fixup permissions on install. These are listed in the changelog for v0.6 and documented in the wiki.

To update to the latest, just run these commands:

$ dfm remote add upstream git://github.com/justone/dotfiles.git
$ dfm pull upstream master

Or, grab dfm from its repository.