In trying to finish transitioning from my old backup drive to my new backup mini thumper, I ran across a file with this content:

-take car in to get checked
-order lion king tickets
-clean room
+do laundry
+organize honeymoon
 continue working on g4g saap psd
 write more for guestlist application
 call mom

It’s an old todo list.  The modification date on the file is 8/10/02. Yup, exactly 8 years before my daughter was born.

I used to keep files like this around quite a bit.  A minus sign means that I haven’t done that particular item and a plus means I’ve done it.  I don’t know what the significance of a leading space is.

At this time in my life, I was:

  • just over three months away from getting married (on 11/9)
  • just under a month away from losing my job (on 9/2, because my employer went out of business)
  • and three days away from my 24th birthday
I'm glad to report that I did get the Lion King tickets (we went later that year), I did clean my room (at least as clean as it could get), and I'm sure I called my mom.  I'm also glad I had organized the honeymoon by that time.

And today, I’m glad that I have OmniFocus.