What Ruby on Rails is to web programming,

and Capistrano is to deployment,

now Castanaut is to screencasts:

#!/usr/bin/env castanaut

plugin "safari"
plugin "mousepose"
plugin "ishowu"

launch "Mousepose"

launch "Safari", at(20, 40, 1024, 768)
url "http://gadgets.inventivelabs.com.au"

ishowu_set_region at(4, 24, 1056, 800)

while_saying "
  Tabulate is a bookmarklet developed by Inventive Labs.
  You use it to open links on a web page.
  It's meant for iPhones, but we'll demonstrate it in Safari 3.
" do
  move to(240, 72)
  type "http://gadgets.inventivelabs.com.au/tabulate"
  hit Enter
  pause 2

So cool.